Mother's Day 3 Bottle Gift Box

Not sure what to get your beer loving mum this Mother’s Day?  Why not try our Mother’s Day 3 Bottle Gift Box, you get a bottle of our Best Mum labelled Blonde ale, plus pick another 2 beers from our range.  Packaged up in one of our branded presentation boxes.

Don’t forget, Mother’s Day is Sunday 14th March.


  Product Quantity
SYCAMORE GAP, Pale Ale, 4.1% - 500ml Bottle
TWICE BREWED BITTER, Best Bitter, 3.8% - 500ml Bottle
ALE CAESAR!, Amber Ale, 4.3% - 500ml Bottle
GALLIA, Golden Ale, 3.7% - 500ml Bottle
AESICA, Blonde Ale, 4.2% - 500ml Bottle
CORIA, Amber Lager, 4.6% - 500ml Bottle
VINDOLANDA, IPA, 5.3% - 500ml Bottle
COMMODUS, Red IPA, 5.3% - 500ml Bottle
STEEL RIGG, Porter, 4.9% - 500ml Bottle
NOX, Cherry Milk Stout, 5% - 500ml Bottle
JUNO, Bohemian Pilsner, 5.1% - 440ml Can
AURA, Micro IPA, 2.7% - 440ml Can (Hazy)
LUA, Tropical Pale, 4.1% - 440ml Can (Hazy)
PAX, Pale Ale, 4.4% - 440ml Can (Hazy)
INVIDIA, Kveik Pale, 4.6% - 440ml Can (Hazy)
MITHRAS, NEIPA, 5.1% - 440ml Can (Hazy)
FIDES, IPA, 5.9% - 440ml Can (Hazy)
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