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Hepple Sloe & Hawthorn Gin, 50cl, 30%

Hepple Sloe and Hawthorn gin was inspired by the berries that grow wild on the moorlands surround the Hepple distillery.

Expertly distilled using Hepple’s high fidelity distilling technique and rested on berries for over six months, this is a rich, spicy complex spirit: the cocktail-makes choice for all seasons.

On the nose: Bitter almond, ripe juniper and stone fruit with the faintest underlying perfume of coca.

On sipping: A strong presence of juicy plum and cherry with a continual almond presence beneath.

The finish: Succulent with long lingering notes of juniper and sour cherry.

Hepple Sloe & Hawthorn Gin // alc. 30% vol. // 50cl


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