Hadrian's Wall Sloe Gin, 70cl, 26%

Hadrian’s Wall Sloe Gin is a premium blend of high quality artisan gin, the finest handpicked Northumbrian sloe berries and sloe juice concentrate. Handcrafted in Northumberland, we produce only in small batches, creating a festive winter-warmer that’s full of flavour and perfect for those long winters nights. Equally as enjoyable served neat over ice, as it is with your choice of mixer or prosecco.

Hadrian’s Wall Gin draws inspiration from an ancient monument rich in history and steeped in tradition. Handcrafted in Northumberland. They have carefully selected each and every ingredient with intent and purpose to give a fragrant and authentic flavour, providing a true reflection of Roman culture and their impact upon British society.

Hadrian’s Wall Sloe Gin // alc. 26% vol. // 70cl


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